A few more words from MyEssayCoach.

I remind students and clients to cite their sources, and acknowledge those who inspire and influence their thoughts and opinions.

I would like to do the same here. 

MyEssayCoach was created from a love of learning and a desire to help kids move to the next important stage of life – college. 

Although college is not for everyone, for me it was a wonderful time of exploration and independence. It shaped my life. 

Some of my favorite memories and experiences are from my days at the University of Michigan.


Thank you to the following people whose creative energy support me and help to build MyEssayCoach.


Katherine E. – every editor needs a trusted editor, collaborator and friend, and she is mine.

Charlie E. – after all, MyEssayCoach was his brilliant idea in the first place.

Samantha N. – for her creative and youthful design ideas for my logo.

Kyle M. – for his commitment to building MyEssayCoach.net from scratch

John B. – the world’s best guidance counselor and my go-to guy for information

The University of Michigan website - for information and knowledge

And to all of the educators in my family, because they love kids, advocate for kids, and help kids aim high and achieve their goals.