Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      Most editing services charge an hourly fee. What is different about MyEssayCoach?

A:       MyEssayCoach is not just an editing service. A competitive essay is far more than writing, grammar and punctuation. MyEssayCoach charges a one-time fee which covers a host of individualized pre-essay preparation activities including establishing a strategic mindset and assistance in identifying your strongest experiences, opinions and values; building a comprehensive outline; and drafting and refining an outstanding essay – from start to finish.

Q:        Why is the college application essay so important?

A:       According to recent reports from university admissions officers around the country, the personal essay has become one way to differentiate the qualified candidate from the exceptional one. Amidst the array of quantitative data (GPA, AP, ACT and SAT scores) in the student application package, the essay provides the only opportunity to bring the applicant’s personal experience and perspective into the mix. A strong personal essay can give applicants a significant advantage in the highly competitive college admittance arena.

Q:       Do all colleges and universities require an essay or a personal statement?

A:       No, not all. For those universities participating in the Common Application, an essay is required. Other colleges may or may not call for one. If a student feels a need to explain something on a transcript or application, a personal statement can help to fill in the blanks. And for those students competing for scholarships, an accompanying essay is very important.