What Everyone’s Saying About MyEssayCoach

"When I was applying to college, Lori's expertise in editing helped me significantly improve my admission essays, leading to my acceptance into my dream school: The University of Michigan. Even after I arrived on campus, Lori's service continued to help my professional growth. Her editing skills allowed me to improve my applications to selective student clubs and organizations, enhance my ability to get interviews for great internships, and strengthen my resume."

 -University of Michigan Ross Business School, class of 2021

"MyEssayCoach was incredibly helpful with my law school application essays. Lori was very accessible, and always gave quick and detailed feedback!"

 -Kalamazoo College graduate Class of 2017

"I had no ideas about my essay topic when I started but MyEssayCoach helped me find three that I really liked. She made it easy and fun. And my opening sentence was killer."

 -2016 Saline Grad attending University of Michigan

"MyEssayCoach made the essay process less horrific. With 9 to prepare, I was able to use some themes in different ways to meet multiple prompts, and it worked! Thank you MyEssayCoach!"

 - 2016 Mason Ohio grad

“Lori is personable and personal- she loves this stuff! She uses real stories to convey her important message of "student voice," and gives practical tips along the way. She's great!”

 -Ann Arbor Community High School counselor

“College application season was an intimidating and traumatic period of my life. Lori was a much needed spearhead to guide me through the process! She has also helped me in college with my resume, cover letters, and job search strategy.”

 -student, University of Michigan

“Thank you to MyEssayCoach for your great help with our daughter’s college essays. You have taken some of the stress out of the process for us, and her essays were definitely improved by your expertise.”

 -parent, Class of 2014 Skyline High School grad now attending University of Michigan

“Thank you once again for brainstorming and editing my daughter’s essay. You are an amazing help to kids and they learn so much

 from your suggestions.”

- parent, Class of 2014 Ann Arbor Pioneer grad now attending Florida State University

"MyEssayCoach helped my dreams come true! I could not have been as confident in my college application essays without her guidance and support. She never lost sight of what I wanted to say. My writing remained my own with an added touch of sparkle."

- Skyline High School graduate Class of 2012

"Working with MyEssayCoach not only helped my son write an excellent essay, it also provided the information and the sustained motivation he needed, without any prodding from me. I highly recommend MyEssayCoach!"

parent of University of Michigan School of Engineering student

MyEssayCoach was responsive and respectful. It helped my daughter use her most meaningful experiences to respond to a specific question. It was easy and worth the investment.” 
 -parent of Brighton High School graduate

“Thank you MyEssayCoach. Your advice was valuable and the hard work paid off when I received my letters of acceptance.”
- Brighton High School student accepted at Michigan State University and University of Dayton

"EssayCoach helped me take all the ideas jumbling around in my head and stream them onto the page precisely, efficiently, and effectively."
- Ann Arbor Pioneer graduate attending University of Michigan

Thank you, MyEssayCoach, for negotiating the intricacies of the graduate school application with me. Although my field of study is quite specific, I really marveled at your ability to sort through my collection of thoughts and help me construct a piece with the terminology and perspective I was searching for. You are great!

- University of Michigan 2010 graduate applying to LSU graduate studies program

What Colleges Say About the Essay

The Hardest Part of the College Application Process   

(Article from The Examiner) 

The Almighty Essay  (Article from The New York Times)

“Admission officers are running out of calibration devices … all else being the same or similar, the essay suddenly becomes meaningful because it becomes a tie breaker.” 

Quote from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, The Almighty Essay, January 9, 2011 New York Times.

“The more exclusive the college, the more weight the essay is given. Among the most selective colleges … nearly half said the essay was of considerable importance. "

The Almighty Essay, January 9, 2011 New York Times.

For a Standout College Essay, Applicants Fill Their Summers

(Article from The New York Times)

“Students are planning their summer experiences to augment who they are and discover who they are, and that absolutely helps the college process”. 

Quote from Jill Tipograph, founder of Everything Summer,

For a Standout College Essay, Applicants Fill Their Summers,

August 5, 2011 New York Times.

MyEssayCoach helps students focus their thoughts and write successful essays based on their own experiences and beliefs. It’s a highly valuable service that will help to bring out your innate talent.”

Quote from the Vice Provost for Student Life,
University of San Francisco.