For many students applying to college or competing for scholarships, writing the essay is the last, and one of the most important steps in the application process. The essay is the best place to differentiate yourself – to describe your experiences in more detail, show your personality, and express your passion. And for some, it is not easy.

When your words count so much, it is often difficult for even the best of writers to organize and articulate their thoughts. It may even be a challenge to just get started! MyEssayCoach will help you make your words more succinct, more readable, and more interesting, so that you can put your best word forward on your application or proposal.

The MyEssayCoach philosophy and approach is based on the premise that the most compelling and successful college application essays are drawn from the unique talents and voice of the individual student. MyEssayCoach services are designed to assist each individual, through coaching and support, to achieve competitive college application goals.


The MyEssayCoach Process


What You Bring – An Open Mind
Our goal is to help you create a strategic mindset about the college application process, and execute the strongest essay possible. Think about your life, your goals, and your dreams. Bring an earnest and open attitude about how to present yourself, and we can review an essay in progress or we can start together on a blank page.

What We Provide – A Process for Success
By tapping your unique voice through a structured brainstorm, and introducing you to a new writing process, we will identify your strongest essay themes. As your essay develops, we will work with you until you are happy with the final product.

What You Get – An Outstanding and Competitive Essay
You will create an outstanding essay reflecting your individual words and style. Your essay edits will include assistance with tone, sentence structure, word or character count, readability, and a final proof that you can include in your application. 

The MyEssayCoach fee is $199. For this investment, you will receive a 90 minute individual strategy  session, review of sample essays, writing tips, and selection of essay themes that meet your needs and position you for success. After our session, we will work with you by phone and shared documents to revise and finalize your essay and meet your deadlines.

Put Your Best Word Forward!